It all began with a GIF.

I created a video-game animation, modeled after my days of playing Harvest Moon and Pokemon on various Nintendo devices, illustrating a "Game of Thrones"-esque me encountering a majestic Jon Snow. Jon Snow then proceeded to interview me, asking me why I should attend Game Developer's Conference, an international, professionals-only conference where video game developers, designers, and creators from around the world assembled for a week to exchange trade secrets, ideas, and to exhibit their beautifully created games.

I received the email around the end of January, and was jetsetting off to San Francisco for GDC 16 right as a got back from my Spring Break in Hawaii.

I spent the next week in San Francisco wondering what I was doing there. I was selected under a program of Microsoft Game Changers and each one I met was more amazing than the next. We had breakfast with Phil Spencer, the CEO of XBOX, and we got to attend the Women in Gaming ceremony as VIPs.

One of the experiences that stuck out to me the most prominently was when I got to sit in on a session of Gordy Haab talking about his experience composing for the Battlefront video games. I was entranced by the weight of the legacy he had to carry on and how brilliantly he handled it. I think I went home and listened to the Battlefront soundtrack on repeat.

While GDC was a unique experience, I do not see myself going into the video games industry -- I admire those who are involved in it so heavily, though, and I was constantly in awe of the people I met, specifically the audio engineers, at GDC.