This is a pretty self-explanatory post. I just wanted to write about some things that made me happy.

It's so easy to forget the little things, especially in moments when you're particularly upset or frustrated, and I wanted to take a moment to try and remember some of them.

Things That Make Me Happy:

  1. The color pale yellow (like so yellow it's subdued).
  2. Art, art, art. Drawing, painting, sculpting, doodling.
  3. Making music. Producing music. Just the marvel of being able to create sound that sounds how you want it to.
  4. Thai food. I don't know why it's so good. But it is.
  5. Earl grey tea with three sugars and two creams.
  6. Kanye West. (I know, I know. But just listen to his old music and you'll get the point.)
  7. My favorite food, corn. (This isn't a joke.)
  8. Sylvia Plath
  9. Parks and Rec (Sherlock, House of Cards, Skam, My Mad Fat Diary, How To Get Away With Murder, are a few others).
  10. High waisted jeans. They just make me feel like I look better. I don't know why. They just do.
  11. Red lipstick. Ditto to #10.
  12. That feeling when you've settled in bed after a long day.
  13. Deep, deep belly laughs with a group of people you feel really comfortable with.
  14. Compliments that pay attention to detail and are specific to who you are as a person (compliments in general, tbh).
  15. Flowers. Plants!!!! Nature.
  16. The sky whenever the sun is setting.
  17. Blasting good music as you cruise down an open road.
  18. The feeling when you and another person connect and are almost perfectly in sync.
  19. Making lists.
  20. Organizing my things.
  21. Good news.
  22. Tasty videos on Facebook.
  23. Baking/Cooking/anything food related.
  24. The atmosphere of coffee shops.
  25. Making playlists.
  26. The exhilaration and mystery of going thrift shopping and not knowing what you'll find.
  27. Nailing every lyric to a rap song.
  28. Writing poetry + songs.
  29. When people are really passionate/excited about something and their voice raises and their eyes light up and their mouth curls up a little bit at the corners while they're talking about it.
  30. Reading conspiracy theories.
  31. MEMES. Oh my god.
  32. The Marvel Cinematic Universe movies (frick yeah!)
  33. Pulp Fiction. I can recite it. All.
  34. The way dogs look at you when they're comfortable with you and they want you to love them!!
  35. Notebooks (esp. Moleskines even though I feel like I can never write in notebooks because I feel like I'm ruining them.)

Things I Look Forward To/Hope To Do One Day:

  1. Being fluent in Norwegian.
  2. Finally one day going to Prague.
  3. Releasing a full body of musical work one day.
  4. Learning the entire "Lose Yourself" rap in full.
  5. Getting a corgi.
  6. Long naps in a fluffy bed with silky-smooth sheets.
  7. Seeing The Strokes live one day (Eep. Fingers crossed.)
  8. Learning Mandarin so I can communicate with relatives on my mom's side.
  9. Getting really good at coding in Python. (One day.)
  10. Writing a book.
  11. Learning to play the harpsichord.
  12. Learning to play the drums.
  13. Piercing my nose again one day (hopefully my piercing retention rate will have improved by then.)
  14. Growing my hair out.
  15. Changing people's lives. I don't know how, I don't want it to be me intentionally doing it, but I want to impact people in a positive way through even the smallest of actions.